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Police Strength Spray

What is the difference between regular and Police strength OC spray

We all like to think the world is safe. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. In urban areas, innocent people are constantly subjected to crimes. These crimes include harassment, burglary and sexual assault. Collectively, there's not much we can do to end crime like the ones discussed above. The good news is there are things you can do to protect yourself.

One of those things is to purchase and carry around a can of Mace pepper spray. Mace can be brought with you wherever you go. You've probably heard of mace pepper spray, but there are people who don't know what it is, what's it used for or how it works. In short, it's a can that contains a pepper spray formulation, and its used to deter those who might try to do harm to another person.

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When Mace is sprayed, the attacker will experience both burning sensations and pain. Temporary blindness will also be experienced by the person who got sprayed. Getting sprayed is not a nice experience, but it should only be used when it is necessary. For example, if you are walking down the streets of a city after a night out, and nobody is around and no cars are driving. All of a sudden, someone sneaks up on you and tells you they want your money, which you would have no choice to do if you didn't have Mace. However, if you do have Mace, you can take it out and spray the assailant, who will be left subdued.

Let's not forget to mention that police often use Mace pepper spray because it is a good way to get someone under control. When someone wants to hurt an officer, then the officer can use the spray to subdue them. Mace pepper spray doesn't cause long term effects, which is why police tend to use it. When used properly, no physical harm should be caused to the assailant. However, Mace is powerful, so don't underestimate its power. Mace causes a lot of pain. This is why it is so effective. Remember, if you buy Mace pepper spray, then only use it when you feel it is necessary.