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Pepper Guns

Will a Mace Pepper Spray Gun be able to replace a Lethal Weapon

The moment you arrive at the conclusion that you need a self-defense weapon to protect you from an attacking dog, a would-be assailant or for personal security, you'll want to choose the right self-defense weapon for your specific needs. If you choose pepper spray versus a stun gun as your self-defense product, you'll find that many pepper sprays will shoot from as far a six to 12 feet away.

For many people, that is fine. However, you want something that has a longer range should a dog be threatening you or someone is intimidating or threatening you from a farther distance. This is when you may wish to consider Mace Pepper Spray Guns.

It's the longest range of products that are self-defense, except for bear sprays. Mace pepper spray guns are effective up to 25 feet away. Mace Pepper spray guns take advantage of replaceable cartridges that have a ten percent concentration of oleoresin capsicum which is called OC for short. These cartridges hold enough of the OC for seven deploys of the 25-foot shots. This way, if you happen to miss on the first try, you have 6 more opportunities available to try to hit the would-be attacker or dog with the pepper spray. This also makes it an ideal choice should there be more than one dog or would-be assailant.

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Mace Pepper Spray Guns come in three color choices including a 28 gram OC cartridge that has a test cartridge that is filled with water so that you can get the hang of it without having to deploy the real thing and waste it. It will temporarily disorient the would-be assailant and it's legal in all 50 states. It's not, however, legal in all countries. Some states do have restrictions on them as well so be sure to check your local regulations prior to purchase.

Thanks to the "bag in a can" users can utilize this spray from any angle. When you're faced with a personal security situation, you'll want a reliable choice that works every time. Mace Pepper Spray Gun offers you the best in long-range defense when you're faced with a dangerous dog or would-be assailant.  The real question is; can a Mace Pepper Spray Gun replace lethal weapons in those situations that require close in; less than 25 foot shots and where others are in close quarters.

Remember you can buy Mace Pepper Spray Guns online.