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Pepper Gel

Why buy Wildfire Pepper Gel Spray

One of the best products to carry with you for self-defense purposes is Wildfire pepper gel spray. There are several benefits associated with pepper gel, including the ability to carry it with ease and use it on demand, the ability for the Gel to stick to your attacker and not be easily wiped away, and a stronger purer pepper concentration. If you must pull it out and spray it at someone because they’re attacking you, you’ll be able to do so in a matter of seconds.

When a person is exposed to the pepper Gel spray, their eyes become inflamed and irritated. The person will have trouble seeing anything around them and they may even start coughing profusely because it becomes difficult for them to breathe. The individual will start to panic and will no longer be able to go through with their attack on you. Pepper Gel spray takes an instant toll on anyone who comes in contact with it.

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It’s important to be careful when using it against a potential attacker because you do want to avoid coming in contact with it yourself. There are sprays available in different varieties, including stream sprays and gels. A gel spray may be ideal if it tends to get a bit windy in the area in which you live. You wouldn’t want the wind to unintentionally blow the spray back at you and into your face because then you’d struggle to see and would have to go through pain as well. If you decide to purchase the gel, you’ll notice a gel substance comes out and sticks like glue to the individual who may be trying to attack you. Because it would stick to the individual, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it getting on you.

Not only is it better to use when you’re living in an area where it gets windy, but it’s also better to use if you ever end up dealing with an attacker inside of a building or concealed area.  Pepper Gel is an 18% pepper spray concentration and has a longer than normal distance range.  You can always rely on Wildfire Pepper Gel when you are in need of a fast acting self defense product.